Farmers’ Markets

​Maine residents and visitors have more than 140 farmers’ markets to explore across the state. From the big towns to the tiny hamlets, the wide array of markets reflects Maine’s many diversified farms and its rich crafting heritage. Markets are on every day of the week, at various times of day. If you’re vacationing, be sure to ask the locals or check You’ll probably find a nearby market that suits your travel schedule perfectly.

Most farmers’ markets in Maine are independently managed by the farmers, so each one has a different character. Some offer an array of prepared foods, and perhaps even seating areas where you can enjoy a relaxed meal. Others cater more to shoppers heading home from work, and offer a convenient spot to pick up local foods and chat with neighbors. Often you’ll find live music and other activities, such as cooking demonstrations, face painting, food sampling, and special programs for children, making farmers’ markets great family destinations. (Most allow leashed dogs to attend as well, but be sure to check in advance.)

Maine is one of the few states that has a law defining what qualifies as a “farmers’ market.” The law stipulates that 75% of the farm and food products offered by a vendor must have been grown or produced by that farmer. (Some markets are even stricter, requiring that everything in the stall come from the vendor’s farm.) Whichever is the case, shoppers at Maine farmers’ markets can rest assured that the products they buy were grown/produced/caught locally, not trucked in from out of state!

Of course, most markets offer more than a rich selection of foods. Looking for a Maine-made souvenir? Consider jewelry made by a local artisan, a painting or photo of a New England scene, or a unique craft item, all of which are frequently found at Maine farmers’ markets. Crafters won’t want to miss the richly colored yarns available. Baskets, soaps, and candles are other potential gifts that are easy to take home. Shopping at the farmers’ market ensures you are not only “shopping local,” but directly supporting Maine farmers and artisans.

The markets range in size from two farmers to more than 40 vendors or more. Because many farms are so diversified, it’s not uncommon to find a farmer offering a wide range of products under one canopy. Don’t pass by the small farmers’ market, assuming there won’t be much on offer. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised by the varied selections, and by the warmth of your reception. Shopping at any size market is casual and friendly, and since many accept credit, debit, and EBT cards, it’s easy as well. So while you’re in Maine, make it a point to explore a few farmers’ markets. You’ll meet some farmers, get to mingle with friendly natives, support the local economy, and get a taste of Maine’s hopping local foods scene!

Editorial content courtesy of the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets

Featured Markets

Bath Farmers’ Market
Commercial Street, Bath
Year-round, Sat., 9-Noon

Boothbay Farmers’ Market
1 Common Dr., Boothbay
May-Oct: Thursday 9am – Noon

Brewer Farmers’ Market
318 Wilson St. (Brewer Auditorium Parking Lot) Mid-May – Oct, Tues, Thurs, Sat, 8:30am – 1pm
(207)948-5724 or (207)948-2111

Brunswick Farmers’ Market
Brunswick Town Mall, Maine Street
May – Nov: Tues. & Fri. 8am – 2pm

Bucksport Bay Farmers’ Market
99 Main St. Next to Bucksport Post Office
May-Oct: Thursday 2pm-5pm

Camden Farmers’ Market
40 Washington St. (Rte 105), Camden
May – Oct., Sat., 9am – Noon
Mid-June – Sept., Wed., 3:30pm-6pm

Kittery Community Market
10 Shapleigh Rd, Kittery
Summer: Jun. 2 – Oct. 6, Sundays, 10am-2pm
Winter dates see website

Union Farmers’ Market
280 Common Rd, Union Common
May 10 – Oct. 4, Fridays, 3-6pm
(207) 845-2209

Waldoboro Farmers’ Market
Waldoboro Town Office, 1600 Atlantic Hwy
Saturday, June 22 – Sept. 14, 9am – Noon

York Gateway Farmers’ Market
Summer & Winter: 1 Stonewall Ln., York
May 26-Oct 6, Every Sat., 9am-1pm;
Nov-Mar, Every Other Sat.,9am-1pm