Bethel is a beautiful four-season recreational area and convenient to reach...but a world away from the hustle and bustle that most people live in. Bethel is uncrowded and unpretentious. Whether you are seeking the exhilaration of high adventure or a quiet walk in our National Historic District or a stroll along our riverbank, your experiences here will weave themselves into your inner fabric. Each season provides a myriad of opportunities to connect with the natural world…and you determine the pace.

The mountain forests provide recreation opportunities in every season, a source of relaxation for the outdoor crowd! The Appalachian Trail and the recently-opened Grafton Loop Trail provide multi-day backpacking trips…but shorter hikes/day hikes here abound…for folks of all ages and abilities. Bird and wildlife watching opportunities are abundant, from the trails in the forest and also from the comfort of your vehicle along our scenic highway system. Guided ATV tours are increasing in popularity! Fishing and swimming in our dozens of rivers, streams, and lakes are wonderful ways to get closer to nature. There are few pastimes that beat sitting near one of our many waterfalls, several within an easy walk of the roadsides. Our fall foliage provides a breathtaking backdrop for several weeks in the autumn. Winter provides an endless array of active outdoor pursuits as well as just snuggling up in front of a fire in one of our classic New England hostelries.

The Bethel area offers an abundant choice of accommodations, food services, and recreation amenities in all seasons. This is the perfect place for a family reunion or a quiet getaway; it’s a place where you can climb one of our mountain peaks and be one with nature! Bethel claims to be Maine’s Most Beautiful Mountain Village…and so much more!