Bring your passport for a three-nation vacation based in Eastport. Start in the U.S. and enjoy everything that Eastport has to offer: galleries of work by local artists and artisans, eclectic restaurants with authentic cuisine from Mexico, Greece and Downeast, the freshest seafood anywhere, historic homes and businesses, abundant cultural events, outdoor recreation and several lighthouses.

Next, visit the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point and explore the Waponahki Museum to learn of their 12,000-year history in the area. Finally, go to nearby New Brunswick, Canada by car ferry or road to experience their history and culture.

The Port of Eastport is busy with freighters loading up with wood products and pregnant cows for export. Closer to downtown, the fishermen bring in their catch of lobsters, scallops, clams, mussels, crabs, mackerel and halibut to the Breakwater pier, where visitors can fish without a license. Keep an eye open for whale-spotting from shore, or take a half-day whale-watch trip on the schooner Ada C. Lore during the summer season. Passamaquoddy Bay is rich in marine life year-round; in addition to seasonal minke whales and endangered right whales, you might see eagles, seals, porpoise, and the Old Sow Whirlpool, the largest in the western hemisphere.

Our walkable downtown is a National Historic District, with 29 restored buildings. It’s a very satisfying walk, up one side of Water Street and down the other, with views over the Bay and plenty of opportunities to stop for a cup of coffee and a meal. Whether you arrive in Eastport by car, boat or plane, you’ll find a variety of accommodations in the area, from motels and B & Bs to campgrounds.

Eastport hums all year long. There are big celebrations, of course: the best Fourth of July in the state, Indian Days every August, the Salmon Festival in early September, the Pirate Festival in mid-September, and our very special international New Year’s Eve.

Cultural events include films, live classical, country or folk music concerts, plays by our community theater group, art gallery openings, lectures, poetry readings and so much more. The background for all of this is the timeless rhythm of the massive tidal flow through the Bay. Come and let it relax you as you enjoy the many attractions of the area.