Moose Watching

The best time to spot moose is during the late spring to mid-summer and the month of September. Early morning and evening and noon to 2 PM seem to be the best times of day to spot these large animals while they eat a diet of woodland aquatic vegetation of up to 40-50 pounds a day!

During your “moose search” please remember that moose have poor eyesight, but a very keen sense of hearing and smell. Stay away from cows (females) with calves in tow, and bulls (males) during “rutting season” (mating season usually mid-September to mid-October) as they may charge the unwary tourist!

Calves are usually born late May to early June. Twins are born less than 33% of the time and triplets are extremely rare. Maturity is reached in 5 years. Moose are in their prime from 5 to 10 years of age and can live to about 20 years. Full height is reached in 2 years which can measure 7 feet at the shoulder and can reach weights of up to 1,400 pounds.
Moose wander 2 to 4 square miles on average at speeds of up to 35 mph on land and 6 mph in water.

Where to Watch Moose
Route 26Near Grafton Notch State Park
Route 4Phillips to Rangeley
Route 16Rangeley to Stratton
Route 16Wilson’s Mills to the New Hampshire border
Route 17Rangeley to Rumford - between the Rangeley Overlook and the Height of Land
Route 16/27 Stratton to Carrabassett Valley
Route 27Between Eustis and the Chain of Ponds
Route 142 Between Phillips and Weld
Kennebago LogansStetsontown – from Eustis Village, drive approximately 15 miles west on Tim Pond Road to Kennebago River bridge. Canoe one mile downstream to the Logans.