Maine Aquarium

From the moment you enter the quaint Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor you can tell you are in for an aquatic treat. When you go into the main gallery you’ll think you’ve been transported to a rocky section of the Maine coast. Your kids will be in heaven playing at the many interactive displays and the touch tanks, where they get to hold and touch all sorts of watery creatures. In the 20 foot long elevated touch tank – the largest in Maine - you and your kids will be amazed by the multitude of invertebrates crawling among the rocky bottom. You can feel the spiny skin of a sea star or sea urchin and, if you’re in a playful mood, get squirted by a sea cucumber or scallop. You can even watch as the moon snail pulls in its enormous “gooey” foot and be fascinated by the sea star retracting its stomach. Yuck!...but what fun!!! Don’t fall into the 850 gallon tank. It’s filled with small sharks and skates. Not to worry, though, the aquarium staff enjoys guiding visitors on the safe and respectful way to touch these incredible creatures. When you are all done inside the aquarium, head out to the picturesque sitting area with your packed lunch and enjoy the beautiful harbor. The Maine State Aquarium is located at 194 McKown Point Road, West Boothbay Harbor and operated by the Maine Department of Marine Resources. (207-633-9559) Email: