The Old Port

Stroll along cobblestone streets with gas light fixtures, past classic Victorian style brick buildings, and you’ll think you’ve returned to an enchanted by-gone era. Today this classic architectural motif and stylish old-world surroundings provide the Old Port with its signature character and make it one of Portland most popular vacation attractions.

The Old Port spans about six blocks of undeniable charm and vitality. You’ll find a delightful eclectic selection of boutiques, galleries, antique shops, jewelry stores and restaurants. It’s a place that invites you to look for one-of-kind art pieces, stylish outfits, hard to find culinary items and mementoes of Maine.

Your dining experiences in the Old Port range from traditional lobster dinners, to exotic delicacies presented with flair and style, to a chilidog from a street vendor.

Adding to the zest of the Old Port is the city’s working waterfront harbor centered on Commercial Street. At first blush the hubbub that goes on in the harbor may seem too chaotic. But there seems to be an invisible choreographer that keeps pedestrians and commercial traffic flowing with a poetic elegance.

The tapestry of activity you find here includes fish markets, ferry services, fashionable condos, rustic eateries and docks where whale watching and cruise boats take you out to “see.”
Today the Old Port is one of Portland’s most visited destinations. Each summer the Old Port Festival attracts thousands of visitors for a lively parade, entertainment, food and great family fun.